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BW - Drone Luts

BW - Drone Luts

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BW - Autumn
BW - Cinematic
BW - Crisp Air
BW - Harsh Light
BW - Hollywood
BW - Kodak Banger
BW - Sunny

All sales are final due to the nature of digital products.
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This pack consists of my most used LUTS that you will see a lot on my Instagram. These are made specially for drone footage in mind and will speed up your work flow with bright and cinematic colors similar to what you see on my Instagram page! These were hand crafted by me with the DJI Conversion LUT applied in mind so make sure you grab that from their site if Shooting in D-Log. Other wise these will work just fine!


Install Instructions

An install video comes with the download for Premiere Pro as that is the editing software I use.

A similar method is used for other editing softwares, there are many tutorials on youtube to help guide you in the right direction!


All sales are final due to the nature of digital products.

What is a LUT?

LUTS are used as to add a style and color correct to your footage to look a certain way.

Why Does My Footage Look Different From Yours?

Make sure you have converted your footage to REC 709 if shot in D-Log using the DJI conversion LUT before applying these.

You still may need to adjust color temperature and exposure on your footage for the best results!