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BW - The Basesets Lightroom

BW - The Basesets Lightroom

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14 Total Modifiers Included

Shadows - Warm + Cool 
WB - Warm + Cool
Sky Enhancer
Atmospheric Haze
Lens Correction
Noise Reduction

All sales are final due to the nature of digital products.
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The Basesets are a set of tools and modifiers I created to make my job easier. I use these on a daily basis to quickly change certain tones and details in the image on a whim.  These are designed with the intention to help enhance your already edited image or be a great base for the groundwork. 


What are the Basesets

These are tools I created to make the life of mine and any other photographer easy. With quick clicks to enhance the color of the sky to quickly changing the color temperature of shadows. This tool set will decrease your total editing time making it easier to move on to the next photo and deliver your images to the client!

Install Instructions

Extract the ZIP file to your desktop computer

Open Lightroom and go to the Presets section. Click on File, Import Profiles & Presets.

Select the presets ZIP files and click Import. Selecting the ZIP file.

Restart Lightroom and your presets will now be listed in the Presets section.


All sales are final due to the nature of digital products.

Can These Be Used On Mobile?

Yes, these work on Mobile!

I would recommend you install them first on your Desktop Version of Lightroom then they should Sync to your Version of Lightroom on Mobile!